I had been actively searching for a new automotive feature as of late and posted a feeler looking for a unique setup that fit the bill. Although there have been countless sportscar and ‘supercar’ builds that have gained mainstream attention I tend to look for oddball outliers that fit the Fatlace mold. The 1994 Ferrari 348 cabriolet seen here is a prime example.

Denver native PJ Leyba was in the market for a 90’s F car a couple of years ago and after flipping the proverbial coin between a 355 Berlinetta and a 348 he chose the latter and it’s vaned doors.

Flat-plane eight-cylinder Ferrari numbers have always ebbed and flowed when it comes to the dollar amount required to change hands, but this Grigio convertible checked all of the boxes and was ready to dive south of the knife. As older Ferraris have become more affordable over the past decade; so have bespoke air suspension kits such as the setup that hangs out under the arches of this prancing horse.

The gorgeous Pininfarina cabriolet featured here is laying differential and tucks forged hoops under its fenders and quarters. Most 348’s were factory sprayed in Rosso, Giallo Modena, or Nero, but silver truly does this boxy,wide, and analog 2+2 justice.

As much as I would like to sit here and spout off a list of OEM+ modifications that add to the already mysterious allure that a 90’s sports car from Maranello would have there truly isn’t a lot going on here. The 348 chassis screams vintage Ferrari and aside from the air suspension and wheels there isn’t much to speak of in terms of exterior styling upgrades. Why? There’s no need. The lack of curves, snarling 8-pot lump situated directly behind the driver’s head, and five speed transaxle do more than enough. The interior remains relatively untouched aside from a Renown wheel, buckets, and custom controller setup for the AirLift suspension.

As with any build that is rather minimalistic in terms of a slew of aftermarket parts thrown at an ever depreciating asset I feel like PJ’s Ferrari breaks away from that concept. He took a car that needed nothing after rolling off the assembly line and added his own flair. Much like myself he could’ve driven this screamer as is and enjoyed it as such, but wheel gap and boredom will always be the enemy and we at Fatlace think that PJ neutralized that quite well. Be on the lookout for his 348 at the next big fitment show in the States.