Flawless, immaculate, and perfection. These are the many words that describe Marcus’ G35.  Before we started shooting, he told me that he had to detail his car real quick. I had no clue what he had to clean because his car looked like it just got a car wash from God. Even when he popped his hood, there was not a spec of dust to be found. Let me give you a little walk through of this flawless G35…

We would have had cooler scenery in the pictures, if it wasn’t for Marcus’ car being too low to get over the speed bumps without trashing his car. It’s all good though, because we still got some pretty cool shots.Custom everything, from the grill to the license plate. Attention to detail like having an emblem-less grill  is what molded this car to perfection.POLISHED EVERYTHING! Perfect amount of drop all around.Wheel fitment is on point.SSR SP1’s backed by some Wilwood Factory 6p BBK. Great combination.This car looks amazing when it’s rolling and the exhaust sounds beastly! 

Marcus’s Modification list…very long…

2005 Infiniti G35 Sedan, Lakeshore Slate


Full wire tuck
Polished APS Tallboy Plenum
Polished Lower Plenum
Polished Throttle Body
Polished Timing Cover
Polished Cam Covers
Polished VTC Housings
Polished SxExCx Power Steering Tank
Polished Lower Collector
Polished Idler Pulley Bracket
Polished Alternator
Polished Header Heat Shields
Polished PS Pump
Polished Thermostat
Polished Unorthodox Racing Idler Pulley
Polished Unorthodox Racing Alternator Pulley
Polished Earl’s AN fittings
Polished A/C lines

Polished ARP windshield wiper nuts

Chrome Pulley brackets
Chrome Hood Pin Bracket
Chrome PS Pump Bracket
Chrome Hood Latch
Chrome Earl’s Hose Clamps
Chrome and Welded Coolant Pipes

ARC Oil Cap
ARC Radiator Cap
ARC Custom Modified V36 Overflow/Coolant Tank
ARC Cooling Panel – Polished and burned

Koyo V-Core 36mm Aluminum Racing Radiator
Forged Racing Slim Fan Shroud – Polished
Earl’s Transmission Cooler
Motordyne Iso Thermal™ Aramid gasket
200 Polished & chrome bolts
RRYDE Custom Hidden Grounding Kit
Custom FuRookie Intake with Amsoil filter
NRG Hood Dampers
Pi-Thon A/C Line Caps
Earl’s Braided Hoses
Hose Techniques Silicone Coupler
Hose Techniques Polished Clamps
JDM Right Side Battery Cover
Painted/shaved Color-matched Core Support
Painted/shaved Color-matched Battery Covers
Painted/shaved Color-matched Wiper Cowl
Painted Valve Covers
Gates Racing Micro-V Belts
Motordyne ART Pipes
Tanabe Y-Pipe
Tanabe Y-back Medalion Exhaust System
3.5 FD w/vLSD pumpkin
Optima Yellow Top Battery


Wilwood Factory 6p BBK w/14″ Drilled & Slotted Rotors

Wilwood Factory 4p BBK w/13″ Drilled & Slotted Rotors

BC Racing Coilovers

ARC Titanium Strut Tower Bar – Polished and burned

RareJDM Rear Strut Tower Bar

Motordyne Sway Bars

Powergrid Endlinks

SPC Rear Camber Kit


19″ SSR Professor SP1s

19 x 9.5 +5 – 225/35YokohamaS-drives

19 x 10.5 +18 – 245/35YokohamaS-drives

Project Kics Neo Chrome R40 Lugs


BAUSauto custom quad projector retrofit headlights
KuRookie Front Bumper
NisRookie Side Skirts
Nismo Aero Rear Lip
03-04 G35 Sedan Bumper

03-04 G35 Mudguards
Shaved trunk w/ molded lip spoiler
05-06 JDM Tail lights
Color matched painted mirror bases
Color matched lower rubber door moldings
Custom OEM Emblem-less Grills
JDM Clear Corners
Polished flush license plate bolts


2006 G35 Coupe Seats (Stone)
M45 Sport Shift Knob
Custom interior LED swap (gauges, buttons, etc.)
Vanity LEDs
USA Spec iPod adapter

Marcus would like to give a little shout out, “Thank you to Minh for shooting my ride for Hellaflush and taking the time to do the feature.  Shout out to Josh (aka grippymonkey or jhooks) who did my first Hellaflush feature in 2010. Thanks to my sponsors (in alphabetical order): BAUSauto, ledmod.com, Rare JDM, SmartWax, and Tanabe/SSR. I owe a huge thank you to a several individuals who have put a ton of work on my car in their garages and provided inspiration and guidance during my build: Randy Riggs, Dave Rikimaru, Zack Tscharanyan, Darren Aki, Chris Berry, Sean Chase, Marty Huynh, Viet Nguyen, Chris Leiva, Tim Trank, Shane Rosas, and Grant Plummer. I’d also like to thank the shops/businesses that have supported my build: AutoExplosion Auto Body & Paint, Décor Plating, Kaledescope Polishing, Earl’s Store1, ENV Auto Detailing and OC Infiniti. Also shout out to all of my friends at Team RareJDM, Team R-Rydes, the entire Canibeat family and Royal Origin. Thank you to all of the homies on g35driver.com and the Wrong Fitment Crew, you all know who you are; way too many to list here.”

Shavi also did a little video during our shoot; can’t wait to see it some time this week!