So I’ve known Phillip Sy of Autoplus for so many years now. I’ve spent thousands of dollars fixing up my cars with him and he’s been at the forefront of tuning for many many years. He was the first person to import Spoon in the USA, the first person to bring in Leon Hardiritt’s and about 7 years ago dropped everything and started putting alot of his work into old school rally cars. I didnt understand why but only until about 3 years ago I understood. Classics are classic. The classic lines and the way they stand out with all the regular cars out there is what separates this car from the rest.

Introducing the Ford Escort RS2000 Mexico by Autoplus. Built with a Cosworth motor, this thing not only looks awesome but screams. I’m planning on doing a proper shoot on this so stay tune for those photos. Also come by our open house this Sunday to check it out in person.

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