Please excuse my long break from the blog. I will thus answer back with a long entry. My reason? We were in the middle of launching Tastemakers and it was also my birthday. If you haven’t been put on game just yet, Tastemakers is finally up on Fatlace. To bless our new online home, we dropped a feature on the man himself, Mark Fatlace, and another feature on the vintage shop on Fairfax in LA, Tried + True Co. After you go through this, please head on over there and get hip. We have a lot of upcoming features in the works…Now on to the latter. My two part birthday was spent in LA and in The Bay.

LA looked like this. It seems that my best friend and I are starting a birthday tattoo tradition. We got one together during my birthday last year, and this year was the same. These ones, though, mean a whole lot more.

I had my birthday dinner in Little Tokyo, at an udon spot called Marugame Monzo. The one hour wait was worth it especially for the open kitchen, the uni udon, and the…chicken skin. Trust me.

King’s Hawaiian Paradise Cake. Happy Forever Young to me!

The following week, my girls and I went north for a few days in The Bay. We first hit up San Jose to link with our friend, Rey Resurreccion and to meet the guys at Breezy Excursion (who’ll soon be on Tastemakers). Shout out to these guys for the hospitality. Y’all are a dime a dozen.

Then a quick pit stop – no pun intended – at the Fatlace Paddock to meet the squad and familiarize ourselves with the space.

Then in the city…

There’s a gang a shit in between that won’t ever go public. Needless to say, I had the best birthday ever and I’m so grateful for another year around the sun.