Formula D Round 7 Final Fight at Irwindale Speedway was nothing less than epic. It marked the end of the 10th Season for the Series and was the largest motorsport event in the venue’s history with approximately over 20,000 attendees in the 2 day event. Who can ask for anything more than good weather, great battles, cool cars, and a couple cars flipping! It was also a treat to see all the Fatlace/ Illest drivers battle each other.

During competition you do everything possible to try and win. Here’s a prime example of one of the competitors in the lower division fixing their transmission issues.

Forrest Wang coming out in full force in Get Nuts Lab’s Mean Green S14!

Dai is looking pretty stoked about his car before heading out to the track.

Dai’s car is the odd ball out of all our drivers, he is the only one in an S13 whereas all of our other drivers are rocking S14’s.

Matt Powers all smiles, right before his 2nd attempt at qualifying.

After a long day of practice and qualifying, the drivers still had some energy left in them to interact with their fans.