Last week the fatlace crew along with Hunter & Myself went touring around Japan and since some of these guys haven’t been to RWB or the History Garage at Megaweb, I thought I’d play host and take them there. Here’s photos from the day of awesomeness…

Lets start with the History Garage at Megaweb. I told Hunter about this place on the plane and even during our Slammed Society event, all he could talk about was this place. Here’s the huge ferris wheel outside the Venus shopping center which really resembles Ceasers Palace in Las Vegas.

As you enter the History Garage you see relics of Japanese racing history.

Of course Hunter gravitated towards the Levin. This immaculate piece of Toyota history resting inside this garage/museum.

As he turns the corner his eyes locked onto the stack of Tomica AE86 Initial D cars. He took 4 and also wanted a Levin.

This messy garage still had alot of flare.

Anyone up for a TRD engine?

Dress up like Takumi and take photos with the guys who are actually mechanics that restore cars there.

Tiny engine restoration also goes on in the garage.

Tiny vintage gas stations for sale. I think these were imported.

I forgot about this Formula 1 car. The Tyrrell P34wheel race car raced in 1976-77 and was discontinued cause there was no tire support for the front wheels. Wouldn’t mind having this huge awesome model.

There’s a place here where kids can learn to drive karts. Awesome.

Hunter jumped into this TonyKart and wanted to take a spin but then didnt want to cause of the wait.

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables. Not real though.. just plastic.

Hunter told the group about this GTR. He was very much the tour guide for us.

VW Bus!

Fairlady Z!

Museum of classics.

Museum of Classics again..

Marty would be proud.

Im not sure what this is but it was small..

Best. 2000GT Toyota. Definitely deserves its own room.

These were the library hallways of model cars & books.

Dakar Rally Hino Ranger. Great detailed model.

Custom Levin model.

Wouldn’t you love to have a hallway like this?

Super impressive right?

The Crew!

Line is such a huge app in Japan. They have stuffed animals, stickers, cups, iphone cases, etc. HUGE.

Ceasers Palace anyone?

The lego store was interesting.


The gaming center was fun. Hunter started last but finished the race in first place!

Anton was encouraged to take on the sumo wrestler as Hunter watched on.

Hunter tried to as well..

After Megaweb, we went to RWB Headquarters in Chiba to say hello to Nakai & Nojima.

Nakai’s next project was this 964 for a customer who owns a 993 of the same color. You might remember this one from last year’s Idler experience.

Organized clutter.


Thank you Nakai. See you in 2 weeks!

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