When Cody Walker and the Fuel Fest guys set out to organize one of SoCal’s latest and greatest auto events, they wanted to create a one-stop shop that catered to all enthusiasts. Cody, along with close friend Chris Lee have set a new standard for automotive festivals that feature motorsport events, car showcases, music, and modern art. Since 2019 the attendance has grown exponentially and this past weekend was no exception. 

We convoyed from Pasadena to Irwindale Speedway Saturday morning with a few friends including PJ and his bagged Ferrari as well as longtime homie Miguel and his minty Nissan S15. When we arrived the temperature was already hovering around the triple digit mark so getting the booth set up took precedence over all in order to stay cool before making our rounds. With our cars staged and the table manned we took turns traversing the massive complex and capturing content as the afternoon went on. 

Thousands of cars from various makes, styles, and niches were tightly nestled around the property for all to appreciate. Ken Block and the Hoonigans had a drift event running simultaneously with the drag strip across the way, all while live music was blaring and people intermingled. It had the quintessential California vibe and even though the blistering heat made it tough for many, everyone made the best of it and the overall feel was super nostalgic. 

Yokohama, KNN, WR Teknika, to name a few; were major sponsors and assisted in the logistics aspect of putting on an event of this magnitude and we definitely wanted to thank them for one hell of a show.  Fast and Furious stars Sung Kang, Tyrese, and Noel Gugliemi played pivotal roles in promoting and it was super rad kickin’ it with a couple dudes that have been at the forefront of this culture for over 20 years. 

All in all Fuel Fest ‘21 did not disappoint and it was a blast making new friends and seeing day one buddies as well. Enjoy these super hot shots from the day. Pun intended. 

Photo: Mark Enriquez & Nate Ngo
Words: Morgan Wilson