Each year more portable bluetooth speakers are introduced into the marketplace. From the fashion forward to the specific each functional and serves a purpose. The Fugoo provides multiple options for your single speaker. This versatile bluetooth speaker comes with one external jacket with two other jacket options available to change the look and functionality of the speaker.


The “Style” jacket has a modern and clean style that would work in most offices and homes nicely yet retains its pure and crisp sound and durability.


The “Sport” jacket includes many mounts for various activities from a bike mount, strap mount, and multi-mount for mounting on items such as tripods and carabiners.


The “Tough” jacket is built to last. It is crafted from fiber-reinforced resin and solid aluminum.


The Fugoo core speaker is lightweight for portability weighing about 1.1 – 1.5 pounds depending on which jacket is on. The core speaker that works with each of the jackets is versatile and includes six symmetrically-placed drivers. Two tweeters, two mid/sub drivers, and two passive radiators for 360 degree sound with highs, mid-range, and deep bass that easily fills a room with sound.


The core speaker and jacket is rugged – shock proof, mud proof, water proof, and snow proof and provides many hours of playing time with up to 40 hours of battery life.


I have been testing and using the Fugoo speaker with the Style and Sport jacket for a couple months and am impressed by its sound quality, versatility, and great battery life.


The jackets themselves are easy to interchange. The Style simply slides off. The Style also comes in multiple colors. The Sport does require a bit more work as it gives more protection and the base itself has the attachment point for the multiple mounts.




The Sport is easy to install. Slide the core speaker inside the jacket, then slide the base up to snap into place, and screw in the two provided screws.



I’ve been using the Sport more frequently and have taken it on a couple trips. It provided tunes while in Utah in the hot tub and lasted through the snow test.

In extreme heat the speaker has also worked with no issues. In the past other speakers have lost sound quality with distortion in the sun and often need to cool down before getting their original sound back.


One thing I do like about this speaker is the ease of connecting via Bluetooth. Simply go to your Bluetooth settings on your phone and pair it for the first time. Afterwards it connects itself each time automatically (unless you have multiple bluetooth devices connected at one time then it may get a little confused so you will need to manually choose what you want to connect to on your phone). The speaker will also speak to you to let you know when you are connected.

Another nice feature is the power on and off switch which works the way it should. Press and hold for a second to turn on or off. Tap it quickly and it will even tell you the amount of battery life left.


As a bonus the speaker can work like a speakerphone for hands-free and headphone-free calls. When listening to music, Audible, or the latest episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast and receiving a call it automatically switches over to the speakerphone. Siri and Google Now also work seamlessly with the speaker using the action button – the circle button at the top of the speaker.


When charging with the micro-USB charger an indicator light lets you know how close you are to a full charge changing from red to green. The volume controls at the top of the speaker are convenient and easy to use.

An optional remote control is also available, however I haven’t had the chance to test this out so I can’t comment on how it works.

One thing to note is that this speaker with any jacket does not float – I really wish it would. The new larger and beefier Fugoo Sport XL does float, but won’t be available until this summer.


Overall, the speaker is a great option. For the sound quality, versatility, and durability this speaker has it all. The size and portability makes it a great option for travel. There are a few smaller options for bluetooth speakers on the market, but this is a nice combo for work and play.