On your way home from a long Friday? How about a road trip to Tahoe or LA with the squad? No problem! Bay Area based DJ and producer Funk LeBlanc is supplying us with his Million Play Mixtape to kickstart our President’s Day weekend.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy hip-hop and trap joints but it’s nice to have mix where you can’t help but want to groove to. Every song is seamlessly blended and we get a combination of funk-disco, Michael Jackson, new dance tracks, and little hint of Tupac.

Can’t get enough? Come out next Thursday evening to SF where he’ll be spinning, and don’t worry he’s kind enough to hook it up. Just plug the promo code in when you’re purchasing the tickets. Without out a doubt it’s gon’ be lit!

Tickets: http://bit.ly/ParytfineSF
Promo Code: Partyfine

Funk LeBlanc - Feb 18, 2016 - Audio SF