I am sure you have seen this dope XB online and on the streets of Cali. As many of you know this is Goldmembers ride, before it had gold RS’s now it has the Tiffany Colorway. Passing thru the Stussy shop here in Vegas we decided to go do a shoot after. We ended up to one of my fav locations on the strip where we wont get hassled by security. The super wide fenders in the rear tucks the 17×11.5 Rs’s  nicely while the custom widened fender in the front sits rim to fender on the 17×10.5 Rs’s. There is a lot of detail on the ride such as the pure white house of kolors paint and the onyx black house of kolors roof. The fenders had to be widened so the wheels could be proper on the ride all rounded off by the Noblesse kit from Japan. This ride stands out from the crowd wherever it goes..It sure did to me. Can’t wait to see what Goldmember has next instore for the XB.

Noblesse body kit
Widened front fenders
Rear fender flares
Extend rear plate
Pure white by house of kolor
Onyx black by house of kolor

17×10.5 front
17×11.5 rear
Falken FK452

Bride seats
Moon eyes wheel
Chrome velvet interior

Onto the Vid!….



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