I first saw this JZZ30 Soarer when I was invited to shoot another great project at Tuning Factory workshop. The car caught my attention with its clean look and low stance. After the whole day working with my camera I’ve had a talk with the owner Pavel Goncharov about the possible feature on his car.

A few days later I and my colleague Dmitry Kolotilin from Tuning Auto Magazine decided to shoot this slammed Toyota early in the morning when there are practically no outsider cars on the highway and the sun just peeping over the horizon line. So, let’s take a look at what makes this daily driven JZZ30 looking so damn cool.

First of all with no doubt are the super rare wheels. A set of Dunlop Direzza RZF forged monoblock rims custom painted in matte green was installed on the Soarer. The size is 18×9,5 ET+30 all around with 5mm spacers at the rear. May be it’s not as crazy as it could be, but you can’t argue the car is sitting right, thanks to the TEIN Flex coilovers, which helped tighten it to the ground.

As for the tires, Pavel has chosen Dunlop Direzza DZ101 for the rear and sticky Nitto NT-01 semi-slicks for the front, all in 245/40 R18 size. Tire stretch is something you must have to get the right fitment.

What also very important to achieve the perfect stance is the camber. -3 at the front and -4 at the rear made the deal on this car for sure.

Under the hood you can find pretty well known 1JZ-GTE engine with a few rather useful upgrades, such as custom front cooler, oil catch tank with reinforced lines, custom piping and power steering tank.

And here is the owner himself chilling in his JZZ30 with a topnotch beige interior available only in GTT-L version. Looking a little bit tired after the long long night preparing his car for the photoshoot.

Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to find out something really tasty here in Moscow, but this car is definitely one of the coolest, rocking very nice stance and color matching.