Here’s a few images that I just wanted to share that received an outloud “hard as nails” response from me…

Firts of all is the REBEL8 x Sal Barbier aka SLB collab graphic, YES PLEASE!
I will get that permanently tattooed on me right now!!!!!!!!

Maxime aka MkSim posted a super rad video of the Blitz Motorcycles guys, I went to the website and yes, YES Y-E-S this thing rips!!!
It’s called Great Escape and I WANT TO RIDE IT NOW!!!!!!

Lastly, my heart lives in San Diego, I reside in Arizona but home for me is San Diego…
Was crusing Luke Wessman’s blog and found this gem, I’m a sucker for this font and graphic design!

Also two of my friends are just doing things their way…

My good friend Alyasha aka STACK-ALY

And then Danny at The Lovewright Co.