So we were hit up by our friend Takahiro about a spot he wanted to take us to. A spot he knew I would be into. See this spot is pretty special as there are only a few spots like this in Japan. 99% of the time Family & Friends are not allowed in. Wheel manufacturers always try to come in to see older designs but are rejected at the door.

Lucky for us we were allowed in and I was able to take some photos of this place we called heaven. To some people these are just garbage wheels but if you look closely, you’ll see all types of wheels from the early 80’s to wheels just released last month. Enough with the talking, here’s some photos. Can you name some of the wheels?

Oh and don’t try to go here, you’ll be wasting your time as they don’t let outsiders in. Take a look at the receiving mountain of wheels. This is the sorting area.

Once sorted, each wheel gets numbered and cataloged. I saw a ton of crazy looking spiders so touching the wheels might be best using gloves. Can you see any wheels you would take?

Organized chaos.

Takuma showing me a refinished wheel that is going out for delivery.

I went a bit crazy here. Got overwhelmed but left with about 5 sets of wheels, for now. Who know’s, we might start selling wheels here in the Paddock.

Enjoy these crazy photos.

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