Here’s some footage of Hellaflush 8, Venice Beach. The majority of these photos were taken around 9am. Thanks to everyone who got inspired by the cars as well as all of you that came and showed your cars off.

Flags flying high.

Milts car looking sweet. Team Low & Slow represent.

Team Low & Slow represent.

This Junction GS looked really nice equipped with Air Runner.

The back seat was pretty awesome with a cabinet for your favorite liquor.

Nice looking M3 with Volk Racing TE37s

Wagonist Accord Wagon.

Cute bikes on top of this civic.

To see this many people this early on a Saturday shows alot of dedication. Thanks for representing.

Not many old schools made it out but this 510 did.

I didnt count how many techdecks were on this guys dash but it was quite impressive.

EvoX looking nice.

I think 4 Subaru Outbacks showed up. I always thought the outback would look nice lowered and this was no exception. Nice look. Perfect for those spring board trips.

Ahh the sweet VIP. The paint was very nice.

Red 350Z with Work Meisters.. Dam nice.

I can’t keep track of BMW models anymore but I believe this is a 335TT. Very nice.

Im sure if this isnt your first visit to this site, this S2000 needs no intro.

Our Q45 looking saucy. We didnt clean the bugs off from the drive down but it shows we didnt blue tape! hehe.

Another awesome looking outback. I’m a huge fan of this painted lowers of this Suby.

Here’s part 2 of the event photos.

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