Every year I look forward to the Hellaflush LA meet. Always a good time catching up w/ our LA fam at the chill setting of Venice Beach. The day started super early and there was a line to get in before we even got there. One of the ticket machines was busted, which caused more of a bottle neck. The cops caught on and blocked off the street. Looked like they were denying slammed cars. That wasn’t nice. All day it was good vibes and w/ dope rides spread around the parking lot. I didn’t even get a chance to see all of them. I usually am able to narrow my photos down to around 30, but this time I decided to post more than that.

A lot of nice Subies lined up. I think they got there first.

Rob’s car got a lot of attention that day. I like the rusted leopard spots and coffee on top. Rob always hooks up the Bucks if there’s one in the neighborhood. Thanks man!


One of my favorite cars was this S14. It looked gangsta even without a dash. Check out the stickers under the hood!

You can count on me to find the 240’s (180’s, Silvia’s, Onevia’s, Sil-Eighty’s etc…)

Milt always coming correct. I was looking forward to see this car.

This kept catching my eye.

No love. I’ll put this image on a shirt, haha.

Crowd shot. Pretty good for a meet, right?

Does that say “la illest”?

Tatsuya, Jen and Josh. Famalam

Drift Unit AME’s. Harry rolled in from Nor-Cal to represent.

Clean vert

This guy lost his parking spot. So I gave him some stickers.

More inspiration to wake my car from hibernation.

Ernie and RJ made a cameo.

Scott, Josh, Käethe

Max… till next year peace!