It’s been about a year since I’ve been to Tokyo. Usually on our first day we just chill, hang out and get used to the time change. As you can tell, it’s 4am and I’m not really used to it just yet… Here’s some things I’m looking forward to on this trip besides seeing the F1 race in Suzuka. Oh btw.. the exchange rate is 79.90. The worst ever for the US Dollar. 10 Years ago, it was like at 120. Yes, the dollar sucks right now.

The line for foreigners. This was probably the first time I’ve been in this line when it was this jam packed. It’s also the first sign of an F1 fan.

The NEX. Noah and I took the Green Train. Didnt know what it meant til we sat down. VIP. The seats were 10x better than a United business class chair. Only missing was a TV.

To Shinjuku (actually Shibuya)

Looking forward to some good design, architecture and new signs on the street as well as…

The Subway Rides

The Hustle

The Random Sneaker Shops

With a ton of new Madfoot styles. Crazy.

And the fashion. Boots are in. Crazy boots. More photos to come!

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