I take great pride in making sure my home is an environment that’s inviting, comfortable and inspirational.  And though I don’t know many other designers, nor have I seen where they end their day, I feel it’s only natural that people in this field also tend to be interior designers (and possibly even architects, because I constantly find myself wanting to tear down walls when “something isn’t right”).  Designer = Collector.  So naturally, all the decor in my house was carefully chosen.  It’s taken YEARS for every piece to find its own special place in my home. Acquired via traveling, museums, book stores, thrift stores, Ross, flea markets, garage sales, Ikea, etc…etc. If I love it, I buy it.  Simple as that.  It may even sit collecting dust in the garage for awhile.  But then the moment arrives, when that one piece gets dusted off and it’s placed in its new spot, in perfect combination with its surroundings.  Then vice versa, something gets thrown into the garage haha.  Yes, I tire easily.  Which is why I have sectionals.

So I invite you…into my carefully curated abode.

I love soup.

The REAL motto.

I love this pillow.  It reminds me of a WU x Love collabo.

The calendar I never have to throw away.

Even my fruit bowl is stylin.

“Get me home…”


Till the next episode…