Happy anniversary to me!
It’s been an amazing five years of blogging for Fatlace!

#TBH it does get rough at times
making sure I have content and staying consistent.
And lately it’s been crossing my mind that it may be time to move on. 

But then a trusted friend with sound advice convinced me to keep going,
“because not everyone has kept a blog going for this long, meanwhile others are just getting started”.

#OnTheReal #Feel

So whether it’s an eventful week or one less so,
I am here to stay, happy to continue sharing my world with you every week.
And I hope you visit, often. 



Beautiful #chemtrails. #oxymoron
I saw the sun in a flower. #Fall
Mugsy’s first time at the park. He stopped to look at this chicken. Meanwhile, everyone stopped us to look at him. #cutiepie #EmmaPruschFarmPark #SanJose
Gangnam Tofu #ElCerrito

It was a beautiful weekend celebrating two joyous occasions –
my best friend’s daughter’s baptism and my nephew’s 1st birthday.