iPhone 4S photo

The Incase DSLR Pro Pack fits a ton of essentials for my work and travel needs along with a few non-essentials. (from the top left to right) Muji face paper (a must for traveling in humid climate), car keys, Altoids, Blistex, AA batteries (for flash or Magic Mouse), 2gb key shaped Forza Motorsport thumbdrive, notebook, Sharpies, Pilot G-2 .5 pen, Apple iPad, 15″ Macbook Pro, decals (for random sticker bombing and also the oh so essential Supreme decal lol), Compact Flash case and cards, MiFi, Lens Pen, 2TB Portable Hard Drive, spare Canon battery, lens cloth, SanDisk Compact Flash Reader for Firewire, Canon 70-200 2.8 IS II, Electric Visual sunglasses, Incase USB Mini Cable Kit, Apple Magic Mouse, Filter Case w/ filters, Canon 580 EXII flash, air blower, Pocket Wizard Flex TT5, Pocket Wizard Mini TT, Pocket Wizard AC3 Zone Controller, Business Cards and Muji card case, Scosche in-ear monitors with tapLINE Remote and Mic, Recaro lanyard (for tradeshows), Formula Drift lanyard and hard card (2012 shown), Canon gel strap, Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 24-105, Canon 17-40, Canon 85mm, extra cables/cord pouch and Incase camo Pro DSLR Pack.

I own both the Incase Ari Marcopoulos Camera Bag for SLR Cameras and the first version of the Incase DSLR Pro Pack. The Pro Pack has been with me for over a year and has been with me for many adventures and over 25 flights. It fits nicely on both the overhead bin and under the seat. I do find that if you stuff the bag too much (only on some flights / carriers) it will not fit perfectly under the seat.

These items all fit within the camera portion of the bag nicely. The back compartment safely holds all the gear and is also easily adjustable to modify on the fly. I’ve been able to store the Canon 5D Mk III with lens ranging from a 40mm pancake lens to a 70-200. Most of the time I travel with the 24-105 attached to the body as this lens has become my universal go to lens for most of my photos.

The front space holds easily and comfortably a 15″ MacBook Pro, iPad, magazine, book, documents etc. It does have room for additional items as well if needed. I often roll-up my wrinkle resistant windbreaker for traveling and place it inside as well for quick access.

There are additional pockets on the front and side of the bag that provides easy access for things such as an iPod, keys, business cards, travel documents and more. I have found the top zippered pocket to be usual for holding an extra pen, gum as well as emptying my pockets before entering security at the airport. The front pocket is great for quick access to items such as a rolled up windbreaker or magazine/book on flights.

Incase branding is clean and subtle throughout the bag which is a nice design touch. There are a lot of details and thought that must of went into the design of this bag. From the adjustable straps on the side that hold a tripod comfortably on photo trips or the top strap of the bag that is very strong and durable. I’ve often packed my bag to close to 30 pounds when full and the should straps hold up very nicely.

Ergonomically the bag is very comfortable with air mesh padding for breathability and functionality when carrying a fully loaded bag. I’ve carried my first generation Incase DSLR Pro on multiple trips and on many flights often resulting in carrying the bag fully loaded through the streets of New York and San Francisco (I don’t recommend it to keep your back from not hurting the next day, but better safe than stolen).

photo model: Jose Martinez

One of the main attractions for the this bag aside from the design is the overall aesthetic as it doesn’t look like a typical camera bag. This particular version of the Incase DSLR Pro Pack is in a fashionable camo that is printed on a durable twill. The previous bag in a charcoal heathered fabric is great, but I feel this twill may last a bit longer especially in the bottom corners of the bag that seem to carry the bulk of the weight along with touch the ground the most.

The top compartment allows for quick and easy access to your DSLR camera for on the go. The zippers of the bag are also very durable and I have never had an issue with them. The pulls on the zippers make it easy to find and use especially when moving or traveling.

Overall, this bag is a great bag for everyday use and for travel. For a $150 it is fairly priced and a great alternative to most of the other camera bags on the market.