Incase announces the EO Travel Collection, a five-piece carry-on luggage collection designed specifically for a new generation whose approach to travel is defined by simplicity and connectivity. Deriving its name from the Latin verb “to go,” the EO Travel Collection reflects the brand’s expertise in designing products that provide enhanced mobility and device protection. The collection is built to carry-on and caters to the evolving traveler who increasingly depends on personal technology for business, pleasure and inspiration.

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected and travel plays a significant role in people’s lives, the need for efficient and technologically advanced luggage has become paramount. Incase recognizes this evolving landscape and has introduced the EO Travel Collection to cater to the needs of modern travelers. With a focus on simplicity and connectivity, this collection combines sleek design with practicality, offering enhanced mobility and device protection. Whether traveling for business or leisure, individuals can rely on the EO Travel Collection to seamlessly integrate their personal technology, providing convenience and peace of mind throughout their journey. To explore more innovative solutions for travel and related industries, visit the website

The complete line is carry-on compliant with most international airlines, weather resistant and features dedicated compartments for Apple devices. The butterfly design of the technology compartments in both the Hardshell Roller and Backpack open flat, keeping devices secure and protected during airport security screening. To accommodate the need for extra room, the rolling bags and backpack expand up to 35 percent. Prices range from $149.95 to $299.95. For a closer look at each piece in the collection, please view the product demonstration videos.

The EO Travel Collection is available now at and will be available at select Nordstrom doors this holiday season. To learn and see more, visit: