I remember growing up and driving to Tahoe and being stuck in traffic for hours in my dad’s orange Bizi Body van. I also remember never wearing seatbelts and roaming around the van looking for any type of snacks to keep me occupied on the long drives to Tahoe. What I remember most about my youth and Tahoe was how much snow there was on the drive up. How there were miles and miles of traffic and the walls of snow.

As we got older, the snow walls started disappearing and the walls that were once 20 feet are at most 8 feet on the busiest of winters. However, this past winter the tides seemed to change. For some reason the walls were back up. Not the 20 footers as a kid but I’d say they were a good 12 feet tall. Snow was everywhere.

Hunter and I drove the trusty 2003 G55 thru a snow storm to get to the cabin and by morning the car was covered in snow. It was the perfect opportunity to capture some photos with the frozen Leica.


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