Today was one of those days. Woke up really late after meeting up with my good friend Frank and Ben at Verbals club around 3am. Kenta and I got back around 5 and crashed til 11. Wow, I really haven’t done this in ages. Old man….

D1 Driver Kinya and his girl before we said goodbye to them for the night. Thanks Kinya for hanging out.

Ben owns Apartment in Australia while Frank owns Qubic.

After checking into the Cerulean, Kenta and I decided to call some friends in the morning and wait to see who showed up at the Katsu Curry place for lunch. Hiroshi couldnt make it but…

…Tomoya aka Tom did. We shared photos of our rides and had a great lunch.

The Katsu Curry place we chose was probably the best I’ve ever had in Japan. This place is legit. SUUUUUUUUGOOOOIIII.

After lunch we checked out Tom’s 50 Ford Truck and his little surprise in the back.

A 48 Harley in all original condition. You know how much one of these things go for over here?

Closer look.

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