Okayama, 1 year after. 

Exactly a year after 2016’s show week, I decided to include outtakes from Motor Games Japan to 100% cover all transpired events during that weekend. A highly acknowledged event in the region, more than 300 cars showed up to display different approaches in Japanese car culture. Here are some of the builds found in the parking area which includes attendees from the Porsche Kansai meet.

Enjoy the photos.

Supermade Japan always strikes out through its designs. Memories has always been fresh as it has been 6 years since I first saw an S15 featuring an Instant Gentleman kit + 15″ Work Equip wheels.

Hitomi Oka/Yu-Ichi Asada aka. “Looking” always embodies clean Japanese drift styling. Here’s their RPS13 which serves as a demo/drift car. While Nissan has been my go-to brand for 10 years now, Stuttgart’s finest has always been in my DNA since I was 6 years old.

For me, the 911 is the ultimate car. There has always been a connection with me and the 9-11 which started in my old sketches when I was 5, old toys, and family builds/projects.

I’ve always planned on an air-cooled model and hopefully in 5-7 years time I can fulfill that. But lately I’ve been thinking if a 996 can serve as an appetizer?

Closely researching on the first water-cooled models, the 996 still manages to have a soft spot in me. Back in 1999 it felt fresh and very different – without being influenced by anyone (esp. internet). Things may be different 18 years after as air-cooled demands shook up, but we have to give credit that the 996 does still look good… Especially when modified the right way.

This particular 996.1 features a full JT Mode body kit sitting on TE37s. Would love to see more takes on this model.

Led by Toshiya Ichiraku, 1048 Style has always been present during these events. Here’s a full feature on Toshi-San’s 993:  Rough Rhythm 

What’s good about Toshi-San is that he manages to drive cross country back and forth around in Japan in his RWB –  and still races it at the track.

Which looks better the 993 or 964? Is the question I may never answer.

Never I knew that this color exists in the “Rough” calendar, a first in a golden finish, RWB Garuda stood out. A must see in person!

Garuda, owned by Shusaku Nakamoto is one of the pioneers of RWB Kansai.

What’s good about the RWB Family is how the owners connect globally through small ways. Peek out the “VC” logo, which represents Manila’s Car Porn Racing as well.

Another RWB which deserves more spotlight is “Phantom”. Again, photos don’t do justice for its overall execution.

Mutual respect is seen throughout the different approaches of 911 as the owners enjoy the Okayama International Circuit grounds.

Be right back in a few weeks time as I highlight an important build that embodies the two automotive brands seen in this post. A Nissan influenced by a Japanese-inspired Porsche? 

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