Many consider the nineties as the golden era of automotive tuning. Here in  Manila, a certain meet happens twice a year paying homage to tastefully built vehicles. An invite-only meet held at various locations within the country’s capital, Legends of the 90s held its 2018 year-ender by curating a variety of builds.

Check out some of the photos below.

Last November 11, the local movement held its second meet for the year. What’s different from Legends of the 90s compared to other “groups” is that it only mounts two events per year for owners to prepare their builds. Also, these events are well organized with a DJ booth, reserved spaces and program flow.  Here’s one of my favorites from the event.  Marco, one of the organizers brought in his Starlet.   A non 90s car showing mutual support with a special parking slot.

 Would you consider that the Lancers from the 90s are the best?   A pristine E30 convertible showed up.   Aurick, another organizer brought in his RX-7. Here are more photos of the car: aurx7

The definition of clean: My favorite hatchback from the event.  A different approach on the FTO. Nice slammed B12 Sentra.  Another staple in car events here in Manila. Photos: kamikaze_32r  In character! What’s fun about the meet is that several awards cater to thee 90s, such as best 90s outfit, meet unicorn and 90s themed car.  Congratulations on another strong year. See you this 2019.


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