I saw this car first hand about 2 years ago.  It was slammed, rocking a set of BBS LMs.  I thought damn, this dude has some style.  Then I walked around the back and caught the plate.  Wait, “Miss S2”?  Miss??  No way.  Sure enough, up walks Angela.  Her S2k in Grand Prix White is a regular at local events.  And its hilarious how many people see her car, without seeing the plates or her, and make the same mistake I did.

Note the Invidia N1 dual catback?  Berk 63.5mm test pipes give the note a great rasp.

Recently Angela decided she needed to change it up.  Enter a 17″ set of BBS RS wheels.   Initially they were powder coated pink, and it was just too girly for Angela.  So she settled on a candy apple red finish, and it looks so rad.

Ride height/stance compliments of Stance GR+ coils, spc adjustable ball joints and megan toe arms.

Got Poke?  Both front and rear fenders were pulled to accommodate the wheel setup.

A 4pt roll bar was installed, along with APR CF mirrors, OEM rear spoiler, and a mugen shift knob.  Side markers and antenna were shaved off to clean up the look, and 30% tint all around.