When I received a text message a few months back describing a ‘tow car, trailer and drift car set-up’ that was in the process of being put together, I definitely had to re-read the message several times.  Was this guy actually going to have a van on Bentley wheels towing a modified trailer on a full set of Rotifom NUEs carrying a neck breaking drift-spec FC with a winning Weds/Rays wheel combo?

Well, as it turns out… the answer was yes!

Further messages were exchanged and finally after rescheduling several times due to bad weather, I met up with the owner, Dale last weekend. My jaw dropped when he pulled in driving THIS.

Dale has had the FC3S chassis in his possession for a while now (you might remember it being on show at the 4 & Rotary Nationals in Auckland earlier this year). He picked it up as an ex-rally car that had already had a bit of time and money put into it, with plans in mind to turn it into a competitive drift car.

Before we unloaded the car I couldn’t help but take a few photos. Dale was stoked to get his hands on this former Porsche GT3 cup car trailer, which was already set up for carrying a vehicle that was low and wide in the rear, and it also had a hydraulic tilt and electric winch that would prove very useful. It turned out that the FC was 70mm wider than the trailer and so the rear rails have been modified to fit. Well… Dale’s definition of fit anyway.

But the best feature of the trailer would have to be the wheels. A set of cast one piece Rotiform NUEs were imported – Rotiform wheels are still very rare in New Zealand. I’ve never seen a trailer rocking them before either which is pretty awesome!

You might recognise these wheels from a feature we did on Dale’s Audi A6 that ran these wheels with true Hellaflush fitment. They’ve found their new home here on a VW Transporter – and yes, they have been re-painted matte black! I can only imagine what purists would have to say about this, but I love the “I’ll do what I like” attitude that Dale has with his cars.

Enough about the tow car and trailer set-up, let’s take a closer look at the FC…

Built with both fitment and function in mind, Dale wanted an aggressive yet competitive drift project so he set out to build something that ticked all these boxes. Although the car is complete cosmetically, Dale still has a few engine upgrades in store for the turbocharged 13B power plant before he puts it to work on the track. Currently the FC is making 320kw at the wheels, but he hopes that after a re-tune with a bigger fuel system, new computer, new turbo and CDI ignition, he’ll be pushing more than 400kw.

On the outside the car runs BN Sports front and rear bumpers with BN Sports rear wide body guards. Dale wasn’t partial to how the rear guards tapered back in towards the body and so custom mounts were created to space the rear guards out, allowing a better fit for the rear wheels…

A pair of Weds Kranze, 18×11.5s with -36 offset.

The rear wheels aren’t in perfect condition, but the story behind their origin will make you appreciate why that is. These particular wheels are originally from Mad Mike’s RX-8 BADBUL.

A pair of Volk Racing TE-37s in 18×9.5 +12 sit on the front, pumped out to fit the D-Max front guards with 25mm spacers. Even though Dale has a full set of both the Weds and the Rays, we love the combo of them mixed together. It’s different and there’s no doubt they complement both each other and the car.

The result is arguably one of the most aggressive wheel set-ups in the New Zealand drift scene.

Interior looks good too, stripped and caged with a set of Bride Low Max buckets.

From this angle the FC looks so angry and impatient to get out on the track and cause some trouble – which is what it plans to do very soon!

Check out further specs below:

1989 Mazda RX-7 FC3S

13B with T04e turbo (currently 320kw at the wheels)

Microtech ECU

Brembo front and rear brakes

Willwood rear callipers

Hydraulic handbrake

HSD coilovers with adjustable tie rods and custom knuckles

BN Sports front and rear bumpers

Dmax carbon bonnet

Dmax front guards

BN Sports rear wide body guards with custom spaccers

BN Sports rear wing

Volk Racing TE-37s 18×9.5 +12 (25mm spacers)

Weds Kranze 18×11.5 -36 (5mm spacers)


Thanks Dale for sharing your ride here on HF!


T x