Exactly one week later the Los Angeles Convention Center hosted another large scale car show. This time around it was the second annual Torres Empire Los Angeles Super Show. Sam, James, Tim and the rest of the Torres Empire crew once again produced a great event. From Friday’s & Saturday’s move in, I could tell that this was going to be another great event.  For those of you that could not attend or chose not to attend, you missed out! I personally know of people that traveled from Australia, Canada, Chicago, New York and Miami to be a part of this event.  In my opinion, they made the right choice and I’m sure they will agree with me.

We did not get up in the catwalks this year but we shot through the glass from the conference rooms above the South Hall.

Groupe Car Club showed up with 80 plus rides. Here’s Rudy’s 56 Chevy.

Ary had his frame in Steve Deman’s booth. This frame was a work of art! Imagine what the body is going to look like!

George from Imperials CC busted out “Cruel Intentions” at the show. Very well done car!

Movin Violation released a new tee featuring Mike Lopez’s Twilight Zone. mike also brought the car for the booth display.

Elite Car Club showed strong with “El Rey” leading the charge!

Premier CC member Johnny Salters and his wife Georgette came all the way from South Carolina to be part the club’s line up.

SANCTIOND had Mister Cartoon’s Ice Cream Truck on display at the show.

Great paint work on this Impala from Eastside Car Club

Albert and Amaya ~ Elite CC

Tower of Power ~ Classics Santa Ana

Consistent show winner and all around great guy Joey Hernandez had his Lincoln set up in the DUB Magazine booth.

Uniques Car Club busted out this sick Impala!

That will do it for the night, thanks for looking and remember to support those that support you!