When it comes to photography I’ll always favor film over digital, to be honest I don’t even own a great digicam but have about 10+ different types of film cameras. (I guess that’s sort of blogger blasphemy) But it’s not all about high tech film cameras for me, I have an unhealthy addiction with Lomography cameras. You know the ones, the fish eye, the Holga, and of course the Diana. Recently I was gifted a Diana Mini cam and I’m absolutely in love, it’s got a permanent spot in my purse so I can snap at any given moment. With the holidays coming up you can be sure that I’ll be getting my hands on another toy cam but I just can’t decide which one yet. They’re a great little gift to give to your family and friends, so I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you.

Silver Action Sampler $35

Blue Supersampler $50

DIY Pinhole Camera $24

Diana + Dreamer Camera $65

These are just a few of the amazing products that are put out by Lomography, if you visit their site you can find out all about them, check out a variety of cameras, and view photos taken by happy customers. I can honestly get lost in their shop for hours on end trying to make a decision. I hope you do the same!