Well the racing circus is in the town of Long Beach and Formula D is about set to kick off its inaugural race for 2011. Being a part of the FD Show this season with our Society Car Showcase, we’re able to check out the event before the event goes down. Lets take a walk around…

Oh looky here, Matt Powers’ S14. Looking mighty hard with a V8. Congrats for placing 2nd today.

Mr. 2nd Place, Matt Powers.

Meet Andy. He runs FDs operations.

This is Steve from FD. Working or Facebooking?

Walked over to the Long Beach Celebrity race practice and guess who I saw? Yeah, that’s MMA UFC exChampion Tito Ortiz.

Ken Gushi is going to be the only Drifter in the celebrity race next weekend.

That dude from Entourage.

Bruce (formerly Nike, now Levi’s) barely fitting but looking good in the cart car.

Preview of the GT2 cars racing next week.

So sexy.

Air Jack!

Back to drifting.. Matt Powers car looks the same on this side but the wild side is on the other corner.

Megan sponsored Taka Aono and newly sponsored Alex Pfieffer in the 350z in the background.

Mike Kojima (motoiQ) is the master of tech.

I got to ride with Robbie Nishida for a few laps. Lots of power in the yellow VQ S13.5.

Toe to Toe with Charles Ng

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