What are the chances that I would travel to Los Angeles and find myself to be blessed to find a local meet that I couldn’t get out in Houston? I was going to say very slim but then realized I was in the heart of the best place to find something automotive related to do on a Friday night.

My good friend, John Zhang (1013mm), told me about the meet when I mentioned I was coming into town and wanted to meet up with him. And I must say, I was not disappointed. I had my thoughts about actually going but figured why miss out on such a good opportunity to live in the scene. I was told it was going to just be a small meet and nothing crazy. From a half mile away, when I was getting close, I could see four intense lights rotating and blasting into the dark night. I told myself there was no way that could’ve been for the meet… Lucky for me, it was.

I struggled to find parking as the entire parking lot the size of Wal-mart was filled. I parked across the street and trekked my way over with a handful of others coming for the meet. Instantly, I was impressed with the turn out of the meet. Quality and quantity. What else could I ask for from an event? One thing I did notice was that there were a TON of Scion FR-S. I’ve only seen a handful in Houston myself but I probably saw more at the meet than in Texas. And speaking of the FR-S, I got to see the rocket bunny kit in person!!! And I must say, it is definitely a piece of art.

Before diving into a sea of awesomeness, we got a table and I got to enjoy the atmosphere of Guppy House and amazing company. I definitely recommend to anyone to check it out and get their shaved ice! This was considered a small!

Upon finishing a mountain of shaved ice, we walked around the entire lot. I was definitely in awe with all the dedicated members of the automotive scene in LA. John explained to me how everyone is trying to always one-up each other and how competitive the scene is in California. He told me that people mod their cars quickly but tastefully because there is always someone behind them trying to take the title of best [insert model of car].

 After making my rounds, I spent the rest of the time just enjoying the go-go dancers and taking pictures of people taking pictures of them.

 All in all, the meet was definitely a success. It was like a mini show without the awards. There were raffle give aways which included a set of wheels and even go-go dancers that dropped it lower than the cars in the parking lot.

Hope you enjoyed.


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