Mighty 4 (M4) Honolulu was a huge success!  The synergy  created by the people who supported made this event!  Paulskeee (Mighty4), Kavet the Catalyst (Lightsleepers), Cros 1 (Armory/Freestyle Sessions), DJ Jami (NOC), Emcee Fredo (Union City, CA), DJ Vinroc (2x DJ world champion) and more blessed the event and created a cool HI x CA fusion.

M4 Honolulu was held at the newly opened Diverse Art Youth Center and consisted of workshops, Breaking & Turntable battles (host by Antriks of Dirt Style/Thud Rumble) and a night club atmosphere to create an “Jam” verses “event” type ambiance.

Mighty 4 (nonprofit) has been doing events all across the globe for almost 15yrs and spreading Hip Hop knowledge and continuing the spirit & legacy of Hip Hop by honoring Hip Hop pioneers in each demographic with their world famous ‘Appreciation Award’ and educating the youth about the culture.  This award was given to Hawai’i Pioneer QUEST at this event, an aerosol style writer who has put in work on Oahu HI since the early 1980’s. Much respect! HI stand up and give props to a true pioneer.

Special Mahalo Nui Loa goes out to DJ UNE (M4) & Niki Kealoha (Diverse Art) for all their hard work and the brands & sponsors that came out to support (Freelance, Good Life, TrueStory Textstiles, Lightsleepers, Bboy Spot, IZRI & Disfunktion)!

Pictures taken by our own Anthony Nguyen (Stay Fresh Crew)