Bonfire, beach and birthday!  That’s how my weekend was spent.  With family under the moon and stars, celebrating another year of birth for my sister from another mister.  Beautiful, thoughtful and undoubtedly loyal…she’s hipper than a hippopotamus and a ghetto fab guzzler.  Cheers to my cousin, the party girl professionAL!

Another one for the books…earth day blessings with the four elements of nature…beach blanket babylon style!

If you’ve been to Ocean Beach, then you know the proper way to send bat signals is by number.Babies’ first bonfire.

Cousin love!
I come from a family of SF fans…can you tell?

Best time of year for bonfires apparently because
we weren’t the only ones with this bright idea…
(ha! pun intended).

Happy birthday Suga T from the V!!!

Just what these boots were made for.

Prices are gettin’ ridonkulous.  Thank you Chevron, you rat bastard!

Flags up!
Cuz that’s how we do at my house.

Home opener!
Lions at 49ers
2-0 #ninersbaby


Till the next episode…