The trip started out with both Bjones and Tengku Djan having to bail because of work. Total bummer. I went to NH a few days early to work on my car a bit. When I got there it dumped snow for two solid days So I couldn’t do much. After the storm I spent an entire day shoveling the roof  so it wouldn’t collapse and chipping away this “ICE Damn” that had built up about 12 inches thick in some spots.

The snow was about 3 feet deep on the roof.

Tough work!

My car had to be shoveled out next.

There is another car buried to the left of mine.

Skipping ahead a few days. I got my car sorted out so I loaded up and headed down to NY to pick up Tony and my roomate Travis. We put our Motorcycles in the truck and then it was off to MA-Motorpsorts to pick up Tony’s FC. We got to Baltimore around 7PM and didn’t waste to much time. We loaded up and headed towards Virginia to sleep for the night.

The next day we wanted to make it to Nashville at a decent hour so we could go out and have a good time. I drove the whole day and we made it by nightfall.

I think this is Nashville????? or could be Memphis.

We went straight to this restaurant called Monell’s to eat. You give them 13 bucks and they give you better home cooking then your momma made. We went out afterwards and had a good night. The only problem with this trip  was that the cold was following us all the way to Texas. Made our next couple days complete hell! We got off to a relatively late start and left Nashville around 1pm. Things move alot slower in the south. Not 50 miles into our trip and it started snowing. A few inches of snow in the south will cripple the area. They barely have any plows and not enough equipment to keep the roads salted enough not to freeze.

When we stopped for gas I gave the trailer a once over and realized the straps holding Tony’s FC down snapped. Not sure how long they were broke for but it was only a matter of time till it would have fallen off the trailer.

The roads got bad real quick.

We didn’t make it much further until we came up on some accidents. An 18 wheeler jack knifed in the road so we sat back turned on “Trading Places” and hung out for a while.

Once traffic started moving again it was pretty late. The temps were down and the roads were frozen. We had to hold up in a hotel in AK for the night and wait it out.

The next day we sat in traffic. Traveling at a steady pace of 1 mile per hour was not cutting it. We talked to some truckers and were told safety crews were pulling trucks out of the median for the next 100 miles. We were screwed.

Stretching our legs and shootin the breeze with this nice fellow was fun.

We were over this traffic so we drove through the median and turned back towards town take this out of the way route that would hopefully have no traffic. It ended up working out and we made it to Texas a day late and a day early from the event. Tony had work to do to his car so we spent the whole next day working on cars. Exactly what I wanted to do after driving all the way to Texas, Woohoo.

The cars were looking pretty terrible from all the salt on the roads. First stop in Texas was a car wash.

Worked on cars all night. Was so tired from the drive but we finally found warm weather. It was nice being in a T-shirt again. Herron on flew out to do some filming with his new camera.

Steve Angerman came out to beat the cold for a few days and do a little driving.

We finally made it to the track. Minerall Wells is a huuuuuge parking lot. Surface is a little rough but the size made up for it.

The event was cool. Aaron Losey puts on some really laid back events and everybody gets a ton of driving time. The first day me and Tony spent most of our time helping kids out with driving and going for rides. Texas def has some talent.

Herron talking some non sense.

Cars Looking all sick! and Broke

Tried to drive for a bit but my car wasn’t cooperating very well so I didn’t get to many laps in.

I’d like to thank Aaron Losey the promoter of all the Minerall Wells events for helping us get down there. We had a lot of fun with new friends and teaching drivers new tricks.                       After the event we unloaded our Motorcycles and rode down to Austin to hang out with our buddy cory and Russell. It was my first time in Austin and the place was amazing. Had a ton of fun exploring the city. That place has so much to offer. The next day it was time to leave. We dropped Herron and Angerman off at the Dallas airport and headed home. No sleep till Brooklyn. We drove straight back without any problems and made it back to Brooklyn in about 30 hours. I’m writing this as I pack for Abu Dhabi. My flight leaves tomorrow night with Jose Martinez, Tony Angelo, and the Gardella racing crew. Gonna be a ton of fun and I will remember to take better pics.

This was my motivation to drive straight home. So Good


Check out Mad Mike and Mike Essa in Abu Dhabi already. This place is gonna be incredible.