It’s been long overdue, but Canada finally has its first and only dedicated Honda Ruckus shop – Mini Moto Lab. Hailing out of Toronto, Ontario, the shop is co-founded by two friends of mine, Anthony Tsavdaris and Aidan Borges. Both have different backgrounds in motorsports culture but create a natural balance for the shop’s dynamics. I think the key thing to note is Canadians finally have a brick-and-mortar specialty-shop not only for the Ruckus but other scooters and bikes like the ever-popular Honda Grom.

But, it doesn’t stop there.

Mini Moto Lab is new to the neighborhood but the fellas pack a punch with a couple of exclusives. First off, they’ve partnered with JDM-bespoke Exhaust specialists, Hot Lap, as their exclusive North American distributor. Their unique relationship with Hot Lap founder, Munekazu Takayama, goes further than selling product. The Lab works closely with them to research and develop new products for a wide-range of bikes. You’ll see what I’m talking about later this year!

Second, Moto Lab recently announced the first premium wheel choice for GY6-equipped Rucks – the BD16! This is not your off-the-shelf cast wheel but finally a high-end alternative that rivals car wheels. Moto Lab partnered with Zaluski Design Fabrication to create a true concave 2-piece mesh-style wheel made out of 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum. I’ve seen this wheel up-close and the quality is bar-none. Pictures don’t do it justice and if you’re a wheel whore, this is for you! The precision, details, and quality. Again, you’ll see it soon on another project within the coming months.

So here’s a quick glimpse of the shop opening and ride last June. Locals and friends from the tri-state area (N.E.R.D) came to support the special occasion. So there you have it, Mini Moto Lab has arrived! It’s a welcome addition to the Ruck-community but also signifies the developing mini-bike scene is just starting north of the border!