A while back S2000 owners screamed blasphemy at the sign of any S2000 having wide wheels or being “HellaFlush” – I am happy they started embracing the stance culture & continue putting out quality vehicles such as this one.

Photos Courtesy of Phil Fusco (visit Phil’s Flickr for more pix of this Sick S2K)

Ravi – (v2lab)

Additional Info:

2005 Honda S2000

Work vs-xx candy teal wheels
Oem front lip
Oem hardtop
Status seats

I bought the car almost three years ago and it’s been a daily driver ever since.
It’s very functional and reliable even with -5.6 front and -8.3 rear degrees of
camber. I drive the car daily and to all meets, shows and events without
altering with camber or ride height.

The wheels are Nissan specs that came off of a drift S14.
It was no easy task making them fit, but with little patience and thanks to my
good friend Brian Patouhas, we made it work.

Most s2000 owners dislike it due to it’s low ride height and drastic camber,
although I think more will embrace the wheel fitment movement and be more open
to experiment and have fun with the car for more than just track days.


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