When we got our 2011 Mitusbishi Outlander Sport, one of the first things I noticed that it was equipped with snow/winter tires.  I couldn’t wait until snowboarding was back in season and that day for me was just yesterday.  Northstar Tahoe had just opened up on the 18th and it happened to be a snowy/rainy weekend up, perfect time to test this car out.

This was our view from when we first entered Truckee.  Chains or snow tires required!

Lucky for us those Dunlop Graspic DS-3’s made it easy driving all the way up.

Time to switch into 4WD mode.  Those heated seats are perfect for these drives up to the snow and a  MPG rating of 25/31 made it possible to get there and back on just 1 full tank!

Our view as we got to a higher elevation.  You can see how bad the road conditions got but still this car had extreme grip on the road.  Even passing up other cars and SUV’s with confidence!

Finally arriving, Outlander looking pretty stylish in a snowy environment.

No roof rack but fold down seats made it easy to store all of our boards and gear.