A few of us from FTLC decided to fly into Vegas for the SEMA show Tuesday afternoon while the rest of the crew drove out the weekend prior. Tim, Daniel and I would make a quick trip out of it, just stay overnight and fly back to the Bay the next evening. Being that this was my first time to SEMA, I have learned that staying for a day and half is not enough time to cover everything. I found most of my time waiting for people to pass so I can snap a photo, it’s not the easiest thing to do. When we first arrived late Tuesday afternoon, the first person to approach us was Top Gear USA host, Rutledge Wood. He was extremely excited to check out Pandora One in the flesh. Rutledge rocks !llest! How cool is that?

On the corners of the Falken booth stood their LFA and S5. The rear end of the LFA is just amazing, so aggressive. The S5 was sitting pretty on Rotiforms.

They must like carbon fiber.

Good Lord.

I have always wanted to drive one of these rock climbers on a rock course or in a canyon. This one looked especially bad ass.

This was impressive.

I’m loving this Fisker Karma! Why can’t all electric vehicles be this cool?

The Falken GT3 is always a head turner.

Being a muscle head at heart, this Shelby won my heart. Going to SEMA this year could of been a good and a bad thing. It ignited my love for good old American muscle again but at the same time, got me thinking about building a project domestic. My wallet is going to hate me…

Congrats to Jon Sibal for winning the Scion Tuner Challenge, such a cool looking car!

Concept to Reality? God I hope so…

We stopped by the Honda booth to check out the Honda Civic Si the guys from Tjin built. I would LOVE to have this as a daily driver!

Tim was loving this.

Our time was running short so we made a quick pass outside the convention center on the way to catch a cab to the airport…

Well, thats it for now. Vegas, Thank You again. Stay tuned for more coverage from our other bloggers!