Oct 19th is my birthday, I should say Oct is my birthday month because I celeberate all month!
October has the right weather, colors, smells in the air, Halloween (one of the best holidays ever!) and of course my Birthday!

So it being my birthday Oct 19th and XDC landing on Oct 16th in AZ literally 20 minutes from my house it was cause for a major colloboration of good times…
Come and experience my birthday week/weekend in AZ!

Drift Alliance “Hot Boys” rode in from California…
Chris Forsberg, Vaughn Gittin Jr. Ryan Tuerck and Justin Pawlak strolled in like a biker gang to my crib….

Next stop is the pool!!!! Lil Mike is in the spot too…

Next stop as the sun sets Parker’s T-Ball game, he had a serious cheering section!
I’m Parkers T-Ball coach and my wifes the manager, we do this!

Love this pic, father & son, thanks Chris…

High 5 to Uncle Mike!

It’s all about the snack after the game, Vaughn lovin it!

We were all insipired so we fired up a batting practice sesh…

Friday was a chill day with friends and fam…
Almost PJ’s size…

Store bound for some libations, Abby on the back…

Lil Mike brought out Stone Vertical Epic 08, 09 2010! Boom!

Vaughn Gittin Jr. picked up this $100+ bottle of some serious booze!
Not that smooth but aged in port it’s STRONG!

So big weekend for me but a MONUMENTAL day for Parker as he learned to ride on 2 wheels, NO TRAINING WHEELS at age 4!
JR had a HUGE part in teaching him how to pedal!

Friday night JACKASS 3D….
So much fun, yes theres poop, pee, debacuhery, but whatever don’t take life so seriously!
Congrats to my boy Ryan Dunn and his Jackass crew for 50 Million on opening weekend, we helped contribute to that buddy!

Saturday MORNING Parker got back on the bike and showed off his new craft!
2 wheels!

Speaking of 2 wheels Matt Petty and his 2 wheels at the 4 wheeled event XDC AZ…

XDC lunch courtesy of Mich Forsberg… Papusas… Tim is psyched!

Dragonflys kickin it at XDC…

XDC AZ was at Firebird Raceway, they have a man made lake for boat drag races, wakeboarding, watersports, etc.
The water was like glass peep the reflection…

The track layout was fast and fun!

Chelsea “Don’t call me a girl” Denofa, gets crowned as 2010 XDC Champion, congrats buddy!

Party during the event in the Forsberg truck!

Our California CF MF combo meets our CF MF Arizona combo…

So I was surprised with a custom t-shirt that the crew made The Forsbergs, The Gittins and the Benchimols collaborated to make a custom tee for the SUNDAY BIRTHDAY BIKE CRAWL 2010!!!!!!!!!!! RULING!!!!!
We’re to meet up with more peeps at the 1st bar, you’ll see!

Lets go!
Like Abby’s pose haha

Poor Jeremy he hurt his elbow earlier in the week, then had to pee “worst than I ever have in my whole career” so we had to stop, little did he know he’d break himself off more mon the bike ride!

Petty & Baye! Great duo, terrible bike choice! They passed on the antique!

Forsberg showing off the OFFICIAL TEE!

The pack is forming!

Now fake mousctahe time…
El Miguel….

El Frye-o….

That’s Officer Chowda to you!

Shotgun Betty’s GREAT STOP!
Peep the bikes and how strong the crew is NOW!

The Canadians, Alberto & Frankie!

Hittin the road, this seriously doesn’t even sum up our party on the road!

Lifeguard on duty or should I say Deathguard!?!?!

Salty Senorita’s…

I’m the only one Robyn will commit to the REAL HUG!

Hobo in the house, Forsberg & Hobo are like a evolutionary chart!
Tuerck is just a jerk not letting me take the pic….

Random lady that wanted in on the party!

Forsberg caught a couple flats but nothing RAGE CYCLES cant fix!

Papago Brewing knew we were coming!!!!!!!!
It’s my birthday we take over chalkboards haha and Nic eats bottles!

I’m a father father….

As is Gordon aka Geezy…

Hard as nails, I comandeered a hat!

Pizza was clutch by Brandon!

Oh no, this is just evidence…

After the bike ride my homie Andrick Aviles came over and got down on some tat zaps, stoked!
He kills some black and grey, 19 years old and FULL of talent!
Chris caught a bike bell to commemorate the legendary day!

My boy Ryan caught the 4 elements of beer, water, yeast, hops and barley…Boom!

I caught the logo that was on my official tee that my friends all wore so proudly I’ll wear this memory for as long as I can remember and the tattoo will last longer!

Lil Mike brought some choice beers, here’s one of them!

The Gittins and Tuerck headed to the port but before took them to Chino Bandido, look it up…

Abby and Parker, too cute!

Albert (The Canadian) gifted me a custom German made stein with some Mike Giant artwork with our web address’ and our motto GSD, Getting Shit Done! Thanks so much Albert, I’m drinking out of right now! Literally!

Sushi on Monday night with Tim, Petty and others…

Tuesday was my actual BDAY the 19th, lunch with Albert, Frankie, baby Diego and Frankies parents…
At Liberty Market SOOO GOOOD!!!!!!!!

mY $10 BDAY Deal went towards a Salmon BLT, unreal!

Then Albert ordered a home made ice cream cookie sandwich!

Diego had this to say!

Bday bike ride just Mike and I down to Tempe Town lake, its back being full again…

Handlebars and Sundevil mountain…

Beer at Daves Electric…

to make it even better afterwards a Rogue Double Mocha Porter, boom!

Here’s Lile Mike working on a Birthdya Bike Crawl 2010 edit, coming sooon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The train doesn’t stop for me though, Wednesday I saw the sunrise as I headed to Burbank for the FINAL voiceover for Formula Drift TV 2010!!!!!!

Sick studio in Pasadena…

Rain is a welcome change for sure…

After were done working Ryan Sage and I hit Lucky Baldwins, LOVE THIS place!
Delirium on tap among other bangers, location in Pasadena and Sierra Madre, slamming British food on a cold day and a great pint, SEND IT!

Character goes a long way, that’s what I think has created me to be who I am, character, personality, experiences, travel, life, those good and bad around me, I am who I am because of you, the people and things I surround myself with…
I’m just collecting signs, scars, memories and experiences that accumulate to my life, I have to say the one most important thing in my life is relationships, everybody contributes to each other, either negative or positive, you contribute….
Love it or leave it, or SEND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you all!
Thanks to all my friends and family who came out on the bike ride you KNOW who you are…. Be ready for a couple of awesome videos to come!