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I’ve experienced Formula 1 in the past and have been fortunate to access the pits, garages and paddock club but this past weekend was extremely awesome being that I’ve never been to Singapore and everything seemed new.

Breakfast with the crew. New and old friends from NYC, Florida, Manila, Japan and Malaysia.

Happy Camper. I was just about to jump on the boat to head to the Formula 1 Paddock Club to meet up with Christian.

Solo ride across the river.

Qualifying was just about to start and the boat got me there in time.

We got searched going into the Paddock. Seemed like 2nd nature to Christian. 🙂

Force India getting their car prepped for qualifying.

Mclaren front noses look awesome even with that snout which I despise. Cannot wait til next years Honda collab.


Raikkonen’s tires sitting pretty.

The inside of the Redbull cover using heat tape to  protect the carbon components from high engine temperatures.

RBR hard at work. They’re gonna need it.

Thanks to Andrew & Elizabeth for the quick pass. I always enjoy going into the paddock.

Best sounding pace car everrrrrr….

F1 Car Jacks

Still hard at work..

The Fire Marshall. No big incidents at this event so it was smooth sailing for these guys.

Rauh Welt Brothers.

The Pet Shop Boys were playing at this stage.

Paddock club had its amenities. Great food & a view to die for.

Turn 1, 2 and 3 can be seen from the paddock club.

It was good seeing Andrew & Elizabeth. Thanks for everything.

Lucky for the drivers it started raining after qualifying.

Thank  you to Christian & Kit and family for the generous hospitality shown throughout the weekend. Very thankful to have friends like you.

Passed by the restaurant Toast Box to grab some some soup and peanut butter toast.

Taste as delicious as it looks.

The next morning was race day and we made our way to our sitting spot.

Found it. A restaurant that was right next to the track. Perfect place to camp out and watch the big screen.

Sebastian Vettel did fairly well considering his bad luck as of late.

Fernando Alonso also did well. He was challenging the Red Bulls but they were all on their last laps on the tires.

Singapore F1 winner Lewis Hamilton on his last lap. Congrats.

The crowds jumped into the track heading to the J.Lo concert. Estimated 60,000 people made their way to see Jenny from the Block.

Thank you Singapore once again for hosting this event. Really enjoyed our stay.

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