Aspirations, what are yours?

There’s a dude out in Texas, hence the name “Tex”, that has aspirations, is eager, ready to FUEL VICTORY with NOS Energy Drink and is working hard at the drift game, his name; Nate Hamilton…

He competed in XDC in 2010 and has grown to be a force to be reckoned with, he really came alive at TX XDC round last year in his home state but I have to say he’s a GREAT dude, eager, young and full of life!

Him, his team and sponsors debuted his new graphic scheme for the 2011 season rocking the signature Lone Star NOS Energy Drink logo, LOVE IT!!!!!!
The purple of the wrap is to honor his fellow drifter & homie that passed away, Stay Sideways JL…
Blue & Black is the traditional Hamilton144 colors…

Also you’ll be able to spot my SEND IT Octopus sticker on his skateboard and of course the Keep Drifting Fun X NOS stickers!

I really like the graphics & the video it captures his deal, his car, skateboarding, graphics, the vibe, his crew and of course be sure to pick up a tee before they’re gone
Only $12 for a Tee & a sticker!

Atta boy “Big Tex”/”Lil Tex” or how about just plain Nate “Tex” Hamilton!!!


SEND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TEX!

Here’s another video if that’s NOT enough Tex for ya!!!!!!!!