Now, 24 hours later, it is the day of the ESPY’s.  I am back at the W hotel and we will see if the custom suit fits Cam.
Luckily Kaitlin has delivered the goods and is going to stick around in case there are any issues.  There usually are!

Not only are we dressing Cam, but we are also making sure his little brother, Kaylyn is equally as stylish.

I find out that Cam is for sure presenting the Best Play award.  He decides that he wants to wear the scarf creation I designed on the
red carpet and switch to the pocket scarf when he presents.  Not a bad idea I thought.  He either is going to make the best dressed list or the worst dressed with the scarf onside the jacket I am featuring on him.  Let’s hope it starts a trend, all I need is for Kanye to cosign it!

Cam was going to wear a G-shock but Alan Friedman came through with the classic yet stylish TW Steel watch.

We were feeling the Happy Socks.

Once we got to the red carpet, I prepped Cam on what to expect and how to work it.  He is new at at being an A lister.

He walked the carpet with style.  I predict this will be a frequent event for Cam.  – Oh and yes, that is Lindsey Vaughn in the back round.

I loved her Sports Illustrated cover.  It was definitely shocking.

Stoudemire was my favorite NBA player last year.

This was nice of DUB magazine to make this ride for mini-me.

Brian Wilson was names one of the best dressed.  I guess if you are provocative you get all the attention… but the suit is dance wear!

Another interview for Cam with ESPN inside the Venue.  He is only thinking about food.

Carlos and the amazing Laura.  This talent wrangler was so awesome that I asked her to work on the music video I am directing in a few weeks.

It’s like old times.  My besty, Jilly and my hero Serena.

Now Serena too made the best dressed list.  BTW, that is not her Birkin bag – it is mine.

I wasn’t expecting a massage from Cee-lo back stage.

Here is Cam presenting with Amber Heard and Cee-lo.  Did you notice the pocket scarf or blonde blonde girl wants handsome black quarterback.

Blake Griffin with his Espy.  He actually beat Cam to get this award.  Who is he looking for?  Jordan Sparks?

That smile is a cash machine.  I hope I did a good job and the endorsements roll so we can do it again.