I have some insanely exciting news everyone, I will be accomplishing one of my life goals next month. For the first time in history, I Michael Klonoff, will be setting foot on foreign soil in none other than Japan!

I have always been entranced by the car culture, food culture, and technology that comes from the land of the rising sun. I am extremely fortunate that I will be traveling with some amazing friends including fellow Fatlace contributors Lorenze, Mark, and Von as well and Kevin Carlos and Leandro from Rolling Projects. We will be at Okayama Circuit for Offset Kings!!!

I cannot wait to share my experiences with you all, and I could not contain myself from sharing this wonderful news!

This song has been summing up my sentiments about the trip, invoking adventure, all the inevitable lack of sleep and late nights. I am so ready!!! I hope you enjoy bumping this summer anthem on this wonderful Thursday evening.

Words: Michael Klonoff

Photos: Michael Klonoff

IG @swagtothemax