With football season right around the corner, millions of people are ready to root for their favorite teams as they take the field, while others are eager to set their optimal fantasy line-ups for Week 1. Rather than sit on the couch with a bowl of nachos and a cold brew (which doesn’t sound bad at all) or sit behind the keyboard waiting for fantasy players to score, Nike has invited me to get up and be active with the Nike Football Society LA.

The Nike Football Society (NFS) is a special invite-only co-ed flag football league that will be taking place on Sundays throughout the season. The season will consist of regular season games, playoff games, and a championship game dubbed, “The Turkey Bowl.”

Just as in the league, players were invited to participate in a combine at USC, that included a 40-yard dash, agility shuttle run, power ball toss, and a vertical jump. For Free Agents, such as myself, our scores will help captains determine whom to draft to join their team. With pride and ego at stake, I attempted to put up the best numbers I could having never attempted these activities before, and while definitely past my prime, I was ended up right in the middle of all that participated.

Not knowing what to expect I was a bit nervous stepping onto the field. Other players were much taller, stronger, and probably more athletic, yet my competitive side kicked in and I focused in on each activity. As long as I didn’t finish in last place I would be happy. Other players that I noticed included Drama (Young and Reckless), chef Eddie Huang, artist Madsteez, skaters Javier Nunez and Sal Barbier, DJ Skeet, Will Nichols from Stussy and High Snobiety, Power 106’s Vinny and Denise, Scotty Hundreds, The Platinum motorsports brothers, and actor Pooch Hall from “Ray Donovan.”

For the combine, we were gifted a few of Nike’s latest performance offerings that included the Nike Free Hyperfeel TR, Nike+ Fuelband SE Gold, and Nike Pro Combat training attire. I must admit the Nike Free Hyperfeel TR’s are super lightweight and amazing for training (possibly my new favorite work out shoes), albeit for the shuttle run it didn’t quite offer the grip on the turf that would have helped out a bit more.

My results were not outstanding, but for someone a bit older and out of shape, I feel I did well enough. There’s always room for improvement and I’ve set the goal to now get in better shape and stay healthy for the season to perform as best as possible.

I’m looking forward to the live draft next weekend and the first game of the season and will be sure to update everyone via this blog. Wish me luck.