Nike has announced the release of several new performance products, similar to that bow case, to help athletes through the elements on and off the field for optimum results. Nike Pro Combat Baselayer helps protect and prepare athletes for any condition. Nike Hyperwarm Flex Baselayer innovation delivers warmth and flexibility to athletes in the most demanding conditions. Nike Pro Combat Hyperstrong has evolved for better protection for football players.

Nike Pro Combat baselayer innovations protect athletes through the elements, whether its extreme heat or cold and through wind and precipitation. Great for on the field, off the field training, morning runs, or anything in between, the Nike Pro Combat baselayer locks out unwanted elements to lock in performance. Nike Pro Combat baselayer not only protects athletes from the inside out, but also provides a technical solution to help athletes prepare for every condition across multiple sports. Technically, the Nike Pro Combat baselayer apparel keeps the body regulated for inclement weather through thermoregulation, breathability and a body-contoured streamlined fit for performance and comfort. More info on this collection below:

Nike Pro Combat Hyperwarm Flex Tight is engineered for warmth and moisture-wicking. Dri-FIT pods are strategically placed for zoned warmth where you need it most. Breathability-variant mesh areas provide strategic ventilation for optimal thermoregulation. Seamless knit construction adds mobility and flexibility while also eliminating distraction in cold-weather conditions.

Nike Pro Combat Hyperwarm Dri-Fit Max Shield Fitted Mock keeps out rain and wind through a stretch-woven overlay in the chest and sleeves. Dri-Fit Max fabric wicks sweat for comfort in the cold. Mesh back pods increase airflow to keep you cool.

Nike Pro Combat Hyperwarm Dri-Fit Max Mock implements a Dri-FIT Max twill interior to accelerate the pull of moisture away from the skin’s surface, keeping the body dry and eliminating the chilling effect. Side mesh gussets allow for extra breathability and full range of motion, while lightweight jersey panels help reduce bulk and lock in warmth.

Nike Pro Combat Hyperstrong 3.0 Compression 4-Pad Top and ¾ Pant is part of Nike’s sport-specific range that includes strategically placed padding for impact protection. With newly-designed, ultra-flexible 7mm DeTech foam padding at the shoulders and ribs, it provides maximum protection and less bulk than its predecessor. Dri-FIT fabric wicks away sweat as four-way stretch material provides enhanced range of motion and optimal breathability when the action heats up.

Nike Pro Combat Hypercool Fitted Sleeveless 3.0 Top features open-mesh zones for ventilation and Dri-Fit fabric to help keep athletes dry and comfortable. Warp-knit material in the back creates tear-resistant durability.

Nike Pro Combat Recovery Hypertight is designed to be worn during active recovery, in between competition. The graduated compressive design strategically targets different zones of the leg at different pressures to reduce muscle swelling — firmest at the ankle where swelling can be the most severe. Foot stirrups are integrated for a secure fit. Dri-FIT material assists in keeping athletes warm and dry.

Additionally, Nike Hyperwarm Flex is the warmest and most flexible Nike baselayer for athletes training and competing in cold climates. An athlete’s comfort level keeps him in the game whether physically or mentally having the right level of comfort helps with mental focus, flexibility, and speed and agility. To alleviate this problem Nike has developed the Hyperwarm Flex pant and top feature breathable mesh and seamless knit engineering to achieve a purposeful combination of aesthetics and performance. Distinct knitted panels in areas requiring flexibility — the shoulders, elbows and knees — provide superior articulation and unrestricted freedom of movement. Thermal mapping identified zones where warmth is critical, requiring a different knit density for optimal warmth. To guard against overheating or the chilling affect of sweat left unmanaged, special Dri-FIT Max fabric is positioned at key areas on the inside of the Hyperwarm Flex top and pant to wick moisture away and ensure athletes stay comfortable.

As the game of football evolves with athletes getting bigger, faster, and stronger so does the amount of impact that can lead to injuries. Padded protection is key and Nike has partnered with Stats, Inc. for an unprecedented analysis and look inside football’s significant uptick in pace and contact across all levels of the game. Using a proprietary database, historical play frequencies and balance charts were created to help analyze how the game is changing. In addition, countless hours of game film were used to quantify and specify contact – both in frequency and location.

Stats, Inc looked at a cross section of NCAA teams over the course of the 2012 and 2013 seasons, as well as six areas of an athlete’s body: shoulder, chest, hip, knee, thigh and back. The findings show that Quarterbacks endure more impact above the hips – mostly to the chest and ribs, while the shoulders continue to be the primary area of impact for all positions. This has lead Nike to create the Nike Pro Combat HyperStrong 3.0 “Quarterback Cut” Shirt with padding placed in key areas of impact around the ribs and shoulders.

Running Backs continue to absorb the most amount of contact of any skill position while Tight Ends, an inherently hybrid position, receive more contact to the lower half of the body where thigh and knee padding is a must. The Nike Pro Combat Hyperstrong Short and Nike Pro Combat Hyperstrong ¾ Pant integrate DeTech foam directly into the baselayer along with additional hard plate padding in these areas.

The Nike Pro Combat HyperStrong collection has been re-engineered to be stronger, more breathable, and 30 percent lighter than before. HyperStrong is designed to integrate seamlessly into the football uniform as a lightweight extension of the body.

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