These definitely are worth making me post about shoes again. Jordan 1’s were used by many skaters back in the mid 80s and this time they’re back with the legendary Lance Mountain’s take on the iconic shoe as they wore them back in the day.

These shoes in my opinion are rather special in that when you skate in them (although, most of you will just park em in a closet), the true color of the OG 1’s come out. Red Og’s on the right, Blue Og’s on the left. Pretty clever and kudo’s to Lance and the SB team who worked on it and actually got it approved to hit retail. Definitely different in so many ways.

Another intriguing thing is that Lance used to ride for adidas and had a few pairs of shoes made for him but I guess this doesn’t matter much to those that like history of the Jordan 1. These will be available at Nike SB retailers on June 7. Good luck and watch the video below as Lance talks about why they painted their Jordans back in the day.

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