The parking lot is a sight not to be missed in every car event. I headed out to Thailand last year to join Flushstyle’s 2nd year anniversary. I was amazed with the different types of vehicles. Check out these builds.

Zaanueng, founder of Flushstyle uses this Mr2 at events.

Kui, who’s in-charge of the apparel line built this S13 from scratch. The car now is making waves online due to its unique approach. Ever wondered what powers it? An SR on ITB’s.

Chevy Cruze.

Momm, founder of Crispy Clean was the overall winner of the event with his V50.

I remember this Rx-7 blasting the highway’s en route to the event.

Gold-plated parts and wild aero is now a global trend. “Arabo-spec” it is, right Iori Suzuki?


Nissan Teana on air.

Like Japan,  Thailand also has a crazy VIP scene.


S15 straight out of Japan.

510’s and a Ke70.


Pristine W114/W115 Benz.

Aired out trucks.








One of my favorites at the show.

124 drifter.

Fully tuned RE Amemiya RX-7, music to my ears.

You can never go wrong with “sporty wheels” on a VIP project. Check out this Aristo/GS

Y33 Cedric, 1 out of 3 in Thailand. Would love a chance to own one of these in Manila.

Impreza from FSTI, a group in Bangkok known for its boxer-builds.

1 of 2 Nsx Type R’s in Thailand.

This year Flushstyle scheduled their 3rd anniversary meet on May 3 at Wonderworld Fun Park.

Hope you enjoyed the photos.

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