This past week, Nakai revealed the 12th RWB in the United States at a special event at The Paddock. We had a very good turnout with enthusiasts anxious to take a first hand look. The weather was nice, music was playing, and the meat was on the grill. Overall, it was a good time hanging out and catching up with friends. Congratulations William and thank you to everyone that came out.

This Rocketbunny R35 was the first thing I came across when I arrived at the paddock. It looks crazy unpainted. I look forward to seeing it painted.

Timeless Classics.

Very clean 510.

This amazingly clean 911 also made an appearance. Amazingly clean is probably an understatement.

Beef and Chili. My favorite.

Brian Approved.

I have grown a liking for these HRE 501 wheels.

Max hanging out upstairs where the R/C track is near completion.

I must say, it looks pretty awesome.

Everyone was silent when Nakai working, just watching a master at his own craft.

The final touches.

I really love the color on this. Pictures really do not do it justice. From what I heard, there are some big plans for the motor. Hopefully I can sneak in a photoshoot once its all finished.

The End.