Black & Orange is everywhere right now!

Between pumpkins, fall weather, the leaves changing, obviously Halloween and NOW the San Francisco Giants are in what some call the October Classic, The Fall Classic or simply The Series.

Being that I was born in Nor Cal and grew up some of my childhood I have an affinity towards The Bay and the teams, Yes I’m a raging CHARGERS fan in football but I still got love for the Niners (Def NOT the Raiders, but respect for the Madden Era ala Rebels of Oakland) I grew up in the Montana, Rice, Lott, Roger Craig generation you had to be a Niners fan in the bay area.
Now baseball wise, Love the Padres but ALWAYS had a liking and fondness for the SF Giants, their colors, their old field, Candlestick that I’ve been to, to see games as a kid, their players over the years have that SF vibe, even today. The fans too have so much pride as well, stoked! As a kid I loved Matt Williams at 3rd and Will Clark at 1st they killed it!

So the long and short of it, is that I’m STOKED to see the SF Giants in the World Series and will be cheering for them NOW with my Official alterntate on-field Giants World series hat thanks to my homie Jim at New Era, yeah buddy!!!!!!!!

You can pick up the same hat or the “Locker room” ones, etc RIGHT HERE CLICK IT AND STICK IT, FEAR THE BEARD!

I also caught an Arizona Dimaondbacks official on field hat because it’s where I live for one and, two my sons TBall team are the Diamondbacks and I’m coach, so support!

Also to get more into Halloween, pumpking carving with fam and friends happened outside of the crib in the beautiful Arizona weather! Boom!