Sunrise at the Land of the Rising Sun.

One of the most awaited stops on the Offset Kings 2016 calendar just wrapped up, Okayama, Japan. Visiting the Okayama Prefecture is a must not only as a car enthusiast, but also for someone who looks up to traditional Japanese culture. A 3-hour drive away from the busy streets of Osaka, the southern part of Japan is known to be very relaxing for its breathtaking sights.

For the third straight year, the event was held at the Okayama International Circuit (OIC). OIC, a Formula 1 track back in 1994 and 1995, was popularized for Michael Schumacher’s back to back wins in Japan.  The feeling of being in a race track with such heritage added anticipation for this year’s crew consisting of me, Mark, Lorenze, Michael, Von, and Leandro.  For my annual OKJP coverage, I will be splitting the features in numerous parts including in-depth looks on some of the craziest builds I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Let’s start with the event roll-in.


A good number of cars were already present at the event proper, as we were just in time for the event roll-in at 5 AM.  This is pure Japanese dedication to their craft.


One of the first, if not the first to be in line. A USDM-inspired static Z.


A nicely done, Daihatsu Copen.


Filling up the drift/race category is this RPS13. Check out how clean he executed the Silvia.


Note that these cars are driven closely to a hundred kilometers to be in the event.




Personally I think these are one of the best wheels to be ever made by Volk, the GT-P.


Street drift style, Toyota Mark II.





A Mazda RX-8 slammed on Work Wheels CR-2P.


Never I’ve seen this amount of lip on an S-chassis.


An ER34, which has been circulating the net for its different take was also present.


Nicely done IS300.


Slammed van’s will always be a part of Japanese tuning culture.


The cold breeze of a summer morning, cars driving in and out – this was a very therapeutic view for me.


A group of VIP-styled cars rolled in as a group.


This was one of my favorites from the show. More photos soon!





Be right back with these two soon.

For the meantime, check out this amazing video made by siiin

Hope you enjoyed the teaser. Peace.

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