As many of you know we’re in Japan getting ready for our Offset Kings event tomorrow at Okayama International Circuit. Not many know this but this track was used for 2 years in Formula 1 in the early 90s. Both races were won by Schumacher but due to location they decided to move F1 to Fuji Speedway. Anyways I was able to take some photos in the freezing cold around the track during qualifying today. I’ll have more photos tomorrow from the event itself but check out some of the drift cars in the paddock and a little preview of what cars are going tomorrow…

Looking FD. Stunning as ever.

Love this Rocket Bunny FT86 on Enkei wheels.

Rocket Bunny Sponsored S13. Sounded soooo mean.

My favorite AE86 on the grid. So cool.

Ken Gushi driving the FRS.

Tiffany S13 Coupe!

Chaser game was so strong.

I like this S14.

Another one!

Another one!

S14 Livery Game is strong on this one.

Chasers for days. I love these things!

Take notes S13 owners.

All Carbon S13 by Origin Lab. So good.

Yes, All Carbon. Doors, Bumpers, Fenders, Hood, etc etc…..

Look at this!!!

I really liked how this S15 looked and sounded on track.

So much eye candy!

Neon wheels on silver. Take notes!

So good. I believe he placed 1st in Qualifying.

S15 looking great. Stickers all over the place but car looked good.

Team Mate S15 looking just as awesome.

The engine bay was excellent.

This one’s for max.

Daigo Saito’s car is so good.

Robby Nishida not stoked on his R33.

Yes, thats a shark fin on the rear window!!!

Hella people came out despite the 32 degree weather!

Twin FD.

My friend Mr. Fukuda.

Neon still looks awesome. RC Style!

And the Stagea….. this never made it to the states but I’d still take one if I found someone selling!

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